fighting 4 humans against this government

Welcome, earthlings. We are similar to what is commonly known as "artists" in your world.
As different as we may be, we are united by a common goal: We are not willing to submit ourselves to this system of racism and stupidity.

To emphasize that, we have created our own ways of activism,
of making people think or even shaking them into action.


is a group of committed, independent individuals who are openly critisizing politics and society...

humanism and understanding have to be of the highest priority
-everywhere in the universe, even in the Austrian government-

You will find us at every Thursday-Demonstration
(against right-wing politics, the Austrian government and any kind of discrimination).
Every Thursday, 19.30 on Ballhausplatz (Vienna)

Craz - Mob.O.Su. - Pot - Zork